Mixed Drink Challenge – Registration Form

Complete the form below to register for our Mixed Drink Challenge.

There is a $25 entry fee per recipe.

The 2017 drink is a Julep.
Drinks are limited to 5 ingredients, plus garnish.

NOTE: If recipe uses a call bourbon or other call ingredients please note in recipe. Contestants are responsible for own ingredients, garnishes and glassware for display and/or tasting. All product used in recipe must be sold within the state.

DISCLAIMER: By participating in this event your recipe becomes property of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival. All drink recipes will be cataloged and made available to the general public. The Judge’s Choice recipe will be featured as the Official Drink of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival during that year. Winning recipes will be advertised as the Official Drink with winning establishment being recognized as creator.

Participants will assume all risk associated with this competition. Knowing these facts and considerations of the Kentucky Bourbon Festival and with the knowledge of this organization accepting your entry in the event, Bourbon Mixed Drink Challenge, in Bardstown, Kentucky has the right to use any names, photographs or images from this event for promotion and advertising.


Mixed Drink Challenge Registration Form

  • (Please be specific with your recipe – give exact oz, etc)
  • (If drink requires any special mixing, technique and/or other requirement.)