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Much of the flavor that is produced in Bourbon is sourced from the grains that it’s used for. Read on to learn about Malteurop and how they craft fine malts for use by distilleries.

Malteurop North America’s roots go back to the late nineteenth century with the 1875 construction of the Milwaukee, WI malthouse. Sourcing barley from North American farmer partners, Malteurop has been crafting fine malts for Kentucky distillers for decades. Today, Malteurop has four North American malthouses and partners with a grain elevator in Louisville housing distillers malt for local supply.


Crafting fine malts

Barley is a hearty and ancient grain. The malting process mirrors life in the field: cool spring showers (Steeping), long summer days for growth (Germination), and drying down for harvest (Kilning). Under the maltster’s careful watch barley is transformed into its even more noble form: Malt.

How distillers use malt

Barley malt is the biochemical powerhouse in Bourbon making. It is rich in enzymes that break down starch from corn, rye, and wheat into precious sugars that will be consumed by the yeast and turned into Ethanol. Barley malt also contains amino acids, which are vital for the growth of yeast during fermentation.

Malting plants

Malteurop has 4 North American malting plants in Milwaukee, WI, Great Falls, MT, Winona, MN and Winnipeg, Canada; some of which are strategically located in the heart of barley farm regions. Malts produced are Kilned Carmel Malts, Crystal Malts, Roasted Malts and other Specialty Malts.

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